Ural 6464

The exterior elaboration of a truck, which has engine compartment hood and 6x4 axle arrangement. The project rests on line "P"; cab's using. Cab has two–seater coupe and double (sleeping) compartment. At the same time, the embodiment is estimated on the small–lot truck production — under 500 pieces in a year. General style elaboration and structural–special, soft mud shaping concept, surface component feathering (engine jacket, front fender, splash apron, stage (footstep) hoisting), front bumper, lateral protective cover, add–on aerodynamic fairings.



Besides, the dash fascia updating and its engine jacket version adaptation were made in this project. Prototype of carrier Ural 6464 became the most bright novelty at MIMS 2005, the carrier was awarded to Grand Prix for the best design.

The customer: public corporation motor–car factory "URAL". 2005.

The projects of the engineering centre "i–Design" staff are presented in the portfolio, which had been done during some years till the company established in 2005.