Other Izh models

Cargo transport and car projects of Izh family, which are developing model set of produce issuing. Based on functional capabilities elucidation and item quality expansion according to a consumer's choice.

Passenger car models:

  • Izh–2126M — is variant of baseline car which has slight modernization. New bumpers, radiator case, back lanterns, tailgate spoiler;
  • Izh–2126 44 and Izh21261 44 — are all–wheel drive hatchback and universal models, which have original plastic covering.


Maximum utilization of Izh–2126 "Oda" ("Fable") basic design permited to create cargo transport modifications:

  • Van Izh–2717 — equipping plastic cowl with cracking doors, which have different width to van Izh–27173;
  • Van Izh–27261 — redesign variant of universal Izh–21261, which is based on exclusion of back doors opening and side glassware. Tailgate (back door) execution can be with/without glass cover;
  • "Ohotnik" ("Hunter") — is all–wheel drive version of production pickup Izh–27171, which has original plastic covering (tuning); also pickup has elongated cabin modification.